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Study earnestly to present yourself approved unto God,
A workman that does not need to be ashamed,
Rightly dividing the Word of Truth.
2 Timothy 2.15


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Judges, Prophets, & Kings of Israel & Judea - reference table 8/8/04
*The Kingdom* (a theological definition) - posted in response to a special request - 7/17/04
*The Purposes of God* from Systematic Theology, Lecture 77 (1851), by Charles W. Finney - a complex but enriching classic for intermediate to advanced Bible students 6/9/04
Eye-witnesses to the Resurrected Christ 4/3/04
*The nature & attributes of God* A 3-page study that is certain to bless you as well as teach you. 8/22/03
*Typology* The precious stones of the Bible, as used in the priest's breastplate, & in the foundations of the New Jerusalem 7/16/03
*Apologetics* The Bible has 3 somewhat differing accounts of Peter's denials of Jesus. Is this a Bible error or what? 5/24/03
Bible Statistics- Number of chapters/verses/pages for each book of the Bible 3/23/03
*Atonement!!!* - blood money for the wages of sin 3/5/03
Reference table: Parables spoken by Lord Jesus 2/25/03
New Testament quotations of the Old Testament: 1) Most quoted OT books 2) Most quoted OT verses 2/23/03
Titles & Offices of Lord Jesus, the Christ 2/22/03
Biblical Feasts & their prophetic significance: Firstfruits 2/19/03
Biblical Feasts & their prophetic significance: Passover 2/3/03
Biblical Feasts & their prophetic significance: Summary List 2/3/03
OT Messianic prophecies that were fulfilled by Lord Jesus --Part II is now online 12/19/02
Definition- Swaddling clothes 12/8/02
The Athanasian Creed 12/3/02
The Nicene Creed 12/3/02
The Apostles' Creed - Its content, purpose, & background. Plus a compendium of Bible verses about creeds & confessions. 11/26/02
12 Tribes of Israel - a reference table. 10/22/02